Vanishing Race

by WIld Fitz

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released September 5, 2014

Produced and Performed by: Wild Fitz and Hunter Cahalan

With help from: Josh Terry, James Ashworth, Lucas Lopez-Videla, Dora Burge and Carey McGraw

Written by: Wild Fitz*

Engineered by: Hunter Cahalan

Album art by: Kelly Probst

*Resurrection Rag written by Josh Blevins



all rights reserved


Wild Fitz Austin, Texas

I'll always be the fool.

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Track Name: Dead folk singer
The desert sky cried out your name
with drops that felt like whiskey
into the throat of a young man's hope
he's picking away at his dignity
and the scars and guitars
in those dark smokey bars
were all the friends you'd need
you're the king of of hearts
throwing down them cards
with nothing to lose save misery

Flesh and wine and old folk songs
you bled them till they died
like three crosses along the lost highway
your three true friends lay
sometimes its hard to rise in the morn
when you don't have much to live for
save an old dusty tune
that sticks to you
like an old woman's scorn

Dead folk singer I'm a lot like you
and I've even shared in your pain
and solitude of the 12 bar blues
the six stringed sealed fate

And they don't understand
but they like to listen to the song
when the devil walks alone
you wouldn't stand a chance
Track Name: Courage to fly
Well I don't want your pity
and I don't want your rain
drops upon my window pane
If you'd ask for a nickle babe
I would give you a dime
but I've spent my last dollar
I've been drinking wine
That's why my head is spinning lord
and I am on the ground
just wishing you would strike me down

Cause I don't belong
in this world I'm so far gone
I have sinned since the day
I was brought into this world

I've never known reason
I am no man of god
and I've never met mercy
I'm no friends with the law
If you have some cocaine friend
I'll sing you a song
about the good old days
and the women I have lost
as I sit on my door step
with my eyes to the sky
just wishing I had the courage to fly

And it's time for me to leave
got no cards left up my sleeve
Lay my body under the leaves
for the earth to reclaim
Track Name: The fool's gamble
Well I swear that I'm no good
that's what I've always said
so cut me from your womb
and place these chains around my neck
cause I will only weigh you down

I got mud on my jeans
holes in my boots
and I don't have nothing lord
I can't even sing the blues
so I guess you'll never know my name

If you could only see my face

I've got demons chasing me
so I drink myself to sleep
you don't want my loving babe
it's not the kind you need
so please just leave me on my own

and I burned through all dough
on worthless things
I'm not coming home mama
till you'll be proud of me
so I guess I'll be a stranger in this town

If you could only see me now

I'm missing the card
the queen of hearts runs wild
don't place your bets on fools
regrets will run you wild

And it's been said that I'm the devil's child
I am my father's child
Track Name: Hard luck
She don't want peace
she don't have mercy
for gambling drifters like me
and I never learned
but I have seen
the sorrow drain from her eye

And it isn't fair
the way I left her there
begging for my ghost
and where I'll go
only the devil knows
it's just hard luck I suppose

She sees the stars
for what they really are
there's no illusion in her sky
the things she needs
how could I ever bring
or mend with these broken hands

And it isn't right
the things we do at night
haunt us all our days
and where she'll go
only the devil knows
it's just hard luck I suppose

She said she knew
what she done wrong
and that I could not
name my sins
was the dope to blame
or was it just the the pain
I doubt we'll ever an answer

And it isn't true
those things I done to you
were never in my favor
how this all turns out
I guess it's up to the devil now
it's just hard luck I suppose
Track Name: When my time comes
When my time comes
take me to the mountain
when my time comes
take me away
from the city
off to the mountain
so i can spend my last days in peace

After my time comes
take me to the water
after my time comes
to me away
from the city
off to the water
burn my body over the waves

When my time comes
take me to the canyon
when my time comes
take me away
from the city
off to the canyon
spread my ashes over the stone

Spread my ashes
spread my ashes
Track Name: Pit viper blues
Broke dreams are killing me
that's why I'm begging for a bottle of booze
I'm going to see that sweet lady of mine
to tell her the bad news

The sun it burns
the clouds they rain
and the street is unforgiven stone
their weathered scars document a fate
that braver men couldn't face alone

I used to be a hard working man
but now I can't pay my dues
I've been strumming this god damn guitar
now for too long
I got nothing to sing but the blues

And if I had another chance
I would do it just the same
I've got pit vipers in my blood
and their poison is worth the pain
their poison is worth the pain
well their poison is worth
the pain

Don't swear my luck it will turn around
no more old dreams for this old clown
and I got me a cross down in New Orleans
I'm just waiting on the train